Costa Rica


We made it around the world! We are in Orlando now for a few days of debrief. (We have already reunited with chickfila and it tasted so good😎)

Our last stop was Costa Rica. We worked with a missionary couple in a town called Upala, which is in the northern region of the country. We supported in kids and youth ministry, as well as in a few manual labor projects. Our time in Costa Rica with Emily and Damian seemed short, but full of laughter and fun. Honestly, Autumn and I were feeling pretty tired going into our last country. But because of that, we were able to see God’s faithfulness to supply us with strength and endurance when we needed it, and that was cool. We decided we would anchor ourselves with scripture–2 Corinthians 12:9. Paul was talking about the thorn in his flesh, and how God’s power is made perfect through the weakness it caused. Autumn and I have clung to the truth that God’s power would work through our weakness and tiredness as well, and He has! This is a good lesson for future seasons of life too, to remember His faithfulness…He doesn’t ask us to perform for Him, or be strong enough for Him. He asks us to show up, and be faithful and diligent with what we have, trusting Him to supply and multiply. This week has been a good reminder of that.

As far as ministry in Costa Rica goes, here are some details:
-Emily and Damian Obando Martinez are our missionary contacts there. I’ll include the link to their ministry page so you can read more about their story and their work!
-In a nutshell, Emily and Damian are committed to sharing the gospel with these people who are so thirsty for truth. There are lots of messy versions of truth there, but many times doctrine is not accurate, and/or people are traditionally religious, but don’t know they can have a relationship with Christ that will change their lives and eternities.
-Emily and Damian are currently working with youth groups through the week, as well as investing in students at the elementary schools close to their home. They are building relationships with the kids and youth, and helping to meet their physical needs as well as spiritual ones.
-Emily and Damian are raising money for a ceiling right now, as well as still raising support to be fully funded as missionaries–please pray about supporting them! I’ll include links below that you can follow in order to support. (I’d love to give you more details if you have questions.)

I can’t thank y’all enough for the prayers, financial support, and encouragement you’ve given throughout this journey. I’m so excited to see everyone and share more stories and all when the time comes. Please continue to pray for the missionaries we have joined this summer, and for Autumn and me as we process and head back to our stomping grounds:)

God Bless,




“Doberdon Y’all”

Slovenia was sweet! Great reunion with my friends Sarah and Ryan Pursley, who are now missionaries in Velenje, Slovenia, and also a great learning experience for us. We also were SURPRISED by our friend/GJ alum Shawnta who came to do the Slovenia stop with us!! Such great encouragement!

Here is a quick summary of our week:
-We assisted in kids and youth camps with the church planted by Sarah and Ryan’s mission teammates
-Helped make contacts for the long-term missionaries to follow up with and build relationships with
-Witnessed two baptisms of members of the church (big deal!)
-Met, fellowshipped with, and prayed for Christians in Sarah and Ryan’s church

Slovenia has a strong Catholic influence–most people would identify as Catholic, at least by tradition. From what we have learned, Slovenes unfortunately have one of the highest suicide rates per capita in the world. The country is breathtakingly beautiful, yet the attitude of its people tends to be sort of negative and hopeless. We, personally, heard a few different accounts of depression just from the few people we met during our time there. The message of Jesus obviously provides life-changing hope, but it takes most people a while to really trust evangelical Christians, and consider the message we bear.

During my time in Slovenia, I have reflected on my role as leader of this trip and how God works though that, and just in life in general. I’ve seen parallels in the truths these missionaries here trust in, and the truths I trust in as I lead. God has been reminding me that He works through obedience and faithfulness to His leadership. God has not been dependent on my perfect leadership in order to make this a successful trip…nor does He depend on missionaries’ perfection, tangible/”timely” results. In Slovenia, we don’t see people accepting the gospel every day. Some days could probably seem pointless to the missionaries there…one of the interns there this summer talked about “watering” the other day. She said that in gardening, we don’t always think about the process that takes place between planting something, and seeing the fruit. That process takes time, and consistent attention…faithfulness and commitment to our role as “waterers”. Work in Slovenia can seem slow at times, but without the consistency and faithfulness to love these people well– regardless of whether or not they instantly believe as we do– these people may not ever know the love and value God has for them. These missionaries demonstrate obedience and commitment so well.
So, transitioning into how this has taught me as a leader: The other day, Autumn shared some pretty huge things God has been doing in her heart this summer. This hasn’t had anything really to do with me, other than the fact that God allowed me to be a leader this summer so that I could facilitate this experience for her. I’ve just been a body to allow the trip to happen, so that GOD could work. All summer, I have had to stop myself from picking myself apart, wondering if I’m making the right decisions, hoping Autumn has an amazing experience like I did my first trip, etc. My attention has shifted to me and my performance, leaving no room for God and HIS work in my brain. But by His grace, He has been working all along!

I am rambling on on our long layover in Turkey (Aunt Susan, if you’re reading, I’ve been remembering our trip!). I haven’t slept much and am trying to finish this up before wifi time runs out. I know that my thoughts here are scattered…my main takeaways are these:
-God does not depend on us or our performance to work
-Our role in being obedient to God is to do whatever role He has given us right here, right now as faithfully as we know how, according to His word
-PRAY–persistently, without ceasing, about everything, for people we love, for people who need to know Christ. Don’t be afraid to ask God for things, or to actually trust Him with what we ask.
-Encourage one another. We (all believers) are in this walk of life together. In the midst of brokenness, loss, confusion, disappointment, excitement, celebration, rejoicing…God has given each of us His Spirit. We are connected as brothers and sisters…to be faithful to each other, we must first be faithful to our Father. And as we do that, He works!

So much rambling. I pray that this encourages at least someone. I know these truths (though scattered right now) have encouraged me as I’ve meditated on them.

Prayer Requests for Sarah and Ryan:
-Continued maturity of Christians in their church
-Practical way to train pastors there in sound theology and church leadership (looking at you seminary friends)
-Ability to fix their car or buy a new car (they have one now, and it’s a troublesome one)
-Trust from those whom they seek to serve, in order for them to eventually share the gospel

I miss everyone a lot and am excited for reunions when the time comes! Until then, please pray for our protection as we travel, and continued energy and strength to finish strong.

Much love for you all!




It’s hard to sum up this third trip to Lulwanda Children’s Home. I love this place and these people so much…
It’s been fun to see kids I met when they were so young now growing up to be mature young adults. This week we’ve had the opportunity to hear some stories of how certain students ended up at Lulwanda. We were able to go on a visit to one of the students’ villages and see the conditions she came from (please read Autumn’s blog for a detailed description of the visit!) We also visited some of the students at secondary schools, and university students who have come all the way through Lulwanda’s program. It’s been powerful to see each stage of the process, and learn more about these students’ everyday lives.
I honestly am struggling to put into words my love for Lulwanda, and for all of the people involved in making it run. A big piece of my heart is here, and I still often wonder what it’d be like to move here one day.

Right now, some of the big needs here are:
-That students would continue to learn in each stage of school, and receive the education needed to attain quality jobs when they graduate–please continue praying for these kids!
-Lulwanda is currently in the process of building homes instead of hostels for the children. In light of it being called Lulwanda Children’s Home, the idea is to have house moms run homes of 12ish students each. Two homes have been built already, with six more coming up as funds become available. This model will provide a way for these orphans to receive proper nurturing and care that they need from within a smaller household. Each student will learn to cook, clean, shop, and attain basic life skills that they will need for their futures. Fundraising is happening now for these houses to be built. If you wish to donate or learn more about this project, please follow this link!
Right now it’s challenging for some of the kids to have houses while some are still in the hostels. So, the sooner the funds become available and more houses are built, the sooner each child can benefit from the more individual care a house provides.

God demonstrates His attentiveness and faithfulness in the way He allows these kids to be found and brought to Lulwanda. These kids come from some pretty helpless situations, and are brought into a place where they are taught God’s Word, and have each of their needs met. This reminds me of the way God takes us as sinners out of our helpless situations. We cannot save ourselves by any efforts of our own. But God, in His grace, rescues us from our sin through Christ. We have a chance to be made His, and to have our needs met in Christ in a way we could not do on our own. God’s Fatherly love, and compassion for the hurting, needy, and lost is displayed through the way He rescues and cares for the students at Lulwanda. I’m so thankful to be able to participate in His work here, even if in the smallest of ways. I love this place and hope to be able to return one day!

I have many stories that I’d love to share in person when I am home. Please ask me about this place–I’d love to share more when I’m able!

Autumn and I start our journey to Slovenia tomorrow! Please pray for safe travels as we go, and that we will continue to be protected spiritually and in every way. We are sad to leave our people in Uganda, but very excited to see Sarah and Ryan (Global Journey alum) and serve in Slovenia!

I miss all of y’all at home, and am excited to reunite with you soon.

Much Love,



Wow, this stop has been rich and full! I’ll do my best to put some takeaways into words…

First of all, the food here is so stinking good! And the sights are beeeeautiful. We have stayed with Bill and Susie Antolec, who are in charge of a ministry called Acorn2Oaks. They house and mentor students (16-22ish years old) from mountain villages who would otherwise not have opportunity to go to school and have a solid education.
During our time here, we have gotten to know (& grown to love) these precious people–Bill, Susie, and all of the students. We have done various types of work, including yard work (dads, be proud of us), teaching English, prayer walking, and a day of VBS up in one of the mtn villages. (I’m pretty sure it’s called Doi Chong? Bill, if you’re reading this, please feel correct me haha. To all you coffee drinkers out there, that coffee is good!)
As I reflect on everything I’ve experienced and learned over the past week, I’m reminded of a comment Bill made, which also ties into our team Bible study we’ve been doing. I was telling Bill how incredible I thought it was for him and Susie to sacrifice the comforts of home to live full-time here in Thailand. He replied, “I get what you’re saying, but I don’t see it that way. Doing this is far more rewarding than anything else would be.”
Our Bible study this past week has focused a lot on the Bible story of the rich young ruler, found in Luke 18. The story eludes to the struggle we as humans have sometimes to sacrifice that which we have/can see for the sake of something better that God is calling us to. Sometimes remaining in a lifestyle that is familiar seems safer or more satisfying than surrendering to a life governed by God. But Bill’s response is a testimony to the fact that when God invites us to be a part of His plan/His work, it is FAR more rewarding than any temporary satisfaction we could have in earthly things (including relationships with earthly people).
We’ve been encouraged this week to really sit down and consider what types of things/people we treasure in our day-to-day lives, and evaluate whether or not those are of God, or of our own desires apart from God. (And even if the things we treasure aren’t “bad things”, do we still spend more time, energy, money, etc. on those things than we do on fellowship with the Lord?)

My prayer is that as you read this, God would stir in your heart, and help you have a willingness to trust Him above all else. The rich young ruler missed out on knowing Christ, and spending eternity with Him bc the ruler was unwilling to sell his possessions (which would fade away and not last for eternity). Praying that we all live our lives with more of an eternal perspective as we consider this.

Here are a few things I’d love your prayer for:
-Continued spiritual growth for Autumn and me
-Funds to continue coming to support the students at Acorns2Oaks
***Several students still need sponsors. I have info for each one. Please pray about potentially sponsoring one of them. I’ve seen the ministry here, and the good it brings. Please consider this, and let me know if interested!
-Safe travels as we head to Uganda in a few hours

Thank y’all again for your continued prayers and support!! I have plenty more stories, pictures, etc. to share when I’m back. Just wanted to share a spiritual takeaway this time because it is so important.

So much love to y’all!!

God Bless,


Hong Kong


Hiiii friends and family!

Hong Kong life has been treating us well. My teammate Autumn and I have teamed up with permanent missionaries here, as well as a few short-term missionaries from Northern Ireland. (As hard as I try to talk like my northern Irish pals, I can still only pull off a nice, slow Georgian accent. I’ll work on it.)

Anyway, let me tell you about the work we’ve been doing. Many people are unaware of the huge need for Bibles there is in China. While there are Bibles printed inside of China, most are exported out of the country. The few remaining inside of China are pretty harshly regulated, meaning there are millions of people coming to Christ in China who do not have access to God’s word.
Because of this, missionaries commit their lives to helping the persecuted church in China have access to God’s Word. There are lots of details to this ministry, and tons of stories I’d love to share in person once I am back. But for now, here are some ways you could pray for this ministry:
-That Christians (and lost people) would continue to gain access to God’s Word through this ministry
-That missionaries in Hong Kong as well as in China would be protected in every way
-Discernment for the missionaries in the many decisions they make every day (very weighty ones sometimes)
-Whether or not you would be willing to come serve with them as a short-term (or long term) missionary
**one of the missionaries shared that this ministry depends on short-term individuals/teams coming and joining in. New people coming in helps logistics of the ministry and gives the long-term missionaries here fresh waves of excitement and encouragement, which they say is very helpful in this type of work. I beg you to please seriously pray and consider coming here to serve sometime!

There are several stories I’d really love to share in person. For now, I have to pack up for Thailand tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for Autumn and me–for team unity to continue, for us to be protected spiritually and physically, and have sharp minds that aren’t distracted by attacks of the enemy.

Love you all, and am so, so very thankful for all of the grace, love, and support you’ve shown me regarding this trip. God is working, and is so gracious and good!

Also, to Daddy: Happy early Father’s Day!!! I love you lots–keep your eyes on the mail:)

Talk soon, y’all. God bless!!

In Him,

Last stop!


       Well, the trip is quickly approaching the official end. I’ve been back in the U.S. for the past couple of days spending time with my teammates as we remember all that God has shown and taught us this summer. We had the most surreal surprise the night we got here…Curt came back!!! We all had hoped this would happen but were convinced that it wasn’t going to. But as we ate our welcome home chikfila, Curt walked through the door with a big grin on his face, and we all hyperventilated. It was such a great surprise, and we are beyond blessed to have our team together to remember and reflect together.  (If only Paul could still be with us too!) I am having the best time with my teammates right now. They have become my family this summer…God has made this happen in a way that I didn’t know was possible. I didn’t know I had the capability of loving people this much in such a short period of time. Each one of them is so precious and dear to me…I am honestly heartbroken that I am about to part ways with them after tomorrow. I have been so incredibly blessed by their love and encouragement this summer, and can’t quite imagine life without them right now. This will be one thing that I will be in constant prayer about, just trusting that the Lord will give me peace in the midst of missing my new family so much. I love each of them as much as I can, and just can’t get over how blessed I am to have spent this incredible summer learning from them and growing with them. Praise God for such precious gifts to my life!

       Last week’s stop in Nicaragua was such a perfect end to our journey. We were joined by five new members, making us a big ole team of 12! I’ll be honest, at the beginning of my time in Nicaragua; I was beginning to become weary. We were all tired physically, and I started feeling a twinge of homesickness that I hadn’t felt yet all summer. But when all of the new members joined us, the Lord used them as an energy surge to pump me up for the rest of the week. It’s incredible how He always provides what we need in all sorts of ways. I received letters from my family by way of Sarah which said specific things that I so needed to hear (especially from you Daddy-thank you!).

       The first thing you need to understand about Nicaragua is that there is never really a set schedule. We laughed all week because we will plan to do one thing, but we were never surprised a bit if we ended up doing something totally different. Life is so spontaneous there, and full of opportunities! I loved not having a schedule (which is not surprising, I know haha).  We stayed at Brazos Abertios church, which means “open arms”. Pastor Malone and his family have a house on the same property as the church and graciously opened it to us for the week. We did several things throughout the week- we went to houses of members of the church who were sick and prayed for them. We went to see a school for disabled children, which was a very cool experience. We went to a village a couple of days to play with kids and invite them to church. One day we played soccer, which was so much fun! Then the other day we did games and a skit, and I was able to share the gospel with the kids. That was such a huge honor! We were also able to participate in several of the church’s weekly services (yeah, they have church multiple times a week-so eager to worship and fellowship!) Each member of the team shared our testimonies, and two of the guy leaders shared a longer message on two nights. Their church services were so awesome! I’ve never experienced celebration of Jesus quite like that before…they had people leading worship, dancers, a horn, and flags! We all jumped right in with the dancing and a few people helped lead worship. We felt like we were so part of the church the first night we were there. That’s how church should be- a celebration of Jesus with our brothers and sisters in Christ…simple. The Lord showed me what true fellowship and servant hood looks like through the people of that church.

We were also able to experience baptisms in a river while in Nicaragua. Our leader, Paul, baptized two young adults from the church, and Victoria! We drove out (all in the back of a pickup truck) to a river that we got to by crossing a very shaky suspension bridge. It was so beautiful, and such a unique time. Then the last day of our ministry in Nicaragua, we went to a town close to Somoto to visit members from a fellow church who had experienced hard times. We each shared words of encouragement and prayer at each house, and we knew by the end of the day that God had appointed us for every house we went to. It was so humbling to see how thankful those people were to have us in their homes, and to hear them say that they woke up early that morning waiting for us to come. That is what life is about—fellowshipping and sharing encouragement with our brothers and sisters! There is nothing more fulfilling to me than that.

The Lord continued working in my heart about obedience in Nicaragua. He began preparing me for returning to the states in giving me practical ways to exercise my trust in Him. He gave me several opportunities to publicly share my testimony, the gospel, and specific scripture with people, all of which are pretty out of my normal comfort zone. I experienced so much fulfillment and joy from taking those opportunities, though, that I am pumped about continuing to share with others how great God is. He has taught me to not fear, for what can anything on this earth do to mee? I am His, forever, and He knows what is best for me and for others. There is no room for my stubbornness in His plan for me, so I’ve just decided to give it up. I just want to be at peace with God all the time, following Him when He calls, seeing people be blessed by Him, fellowshipping with other who know Him, and falling more in love with Him in every moment.

Knowing God is such a treasure. Not knowing about God, not even just believing Jesus is real, or that He died on the cross…those are great things, but knowledge of Jesus alone will not fulfill you. And just knowing what you should do, how you should act will not make you right. The key to having joy and peace in the Lord comes from accepting Jesus as the ONLY Way to God, and to forgiveness. He died with your sin to give you and me the opportunity to be forgiven and to have a relationship with Him. The only role we play in knowing God is accepting Him…accepting His truth. Accept that we are so unworthy of His forgiveness, but because He offers a relationship with Him as a free gift, we are able to accept it. God wants you; He loves you! I beg you, if you don’t have a relationship with God, make that right! (Like right now) If you need to talk about it, call me. I can’t think of anything more tragic than the idea of someone not knowing the love of my Savior. I am so in love with the Lord, and continue to be radically changed by Him. He gives me a love for life and for people that I never possessed on my own. No part of what I have learned on this trip has come from my own knowledge; it has come from the God’s Spirit in me, shaping my heart, and showing me life and people through His eyes of compassionate love. To God be all of the glory! He redeemed my soul and has set me free to worship Him and share Him with others as long as I live. What an honor and joy!  I pray for you as you read this, that if this does not describe the condition of your heart right now, that you get things right with the Lord. He wants this for everyone. He is waiting for you, please turn to Him!

I thank you again for all of your ways of support. I’m sure there will be more to come, through more blogs and personal talks about how God has worked. He has shown me incredible things and taught me lessons that have changed my life. Thank you for making this experience possible for me. I pray that I am not the only one blessed by your contribution, but that you are blessed, and that so many others will see God because of my experiences this summer. However big or small you feel like you contributes, please know that God used every bit of it to change me forever. I am in love with the Lord, and with the life that He has given me. I am so excited to continue sharing the memories and lessons of this trip as long as I live. Thank you so, so much!

I have to go spend more time with my team now. I love them so much and miss them already and I’ve only been away a little while. Please pray for all of us as we part ways. We are already starting to screech our heels because the time is going so fast and we honestly don’t know how to say goodbye to each other. I know God will continue taking care of all of us, but I’ll just miss them. Okay, they’re out here playing my ukulele to me so I have to go. See y’all very soon!



This past week in France has flown by! I can’t believe I’m on a plane right now heading to our last country already. We arrived in France last Friday and met up with our new co-leader, Paul, and surprise team member, Ryan, who went on the trip last year. They have been such a great addition to the team! They are very servant-hearted and have provided plenty of humorous entertainment for us all week long. From the airport, we traveled up to our home for a week— a beautiful campsite a little ways up a mountain in Saint Paul, France.( St. Paul is an ancient city about fifteen minutes north of Nice.) We had a view of some mountains behind us at the campsite that was absolutely gorgeous!

Our missionary contacts for this country were members of International Baptist Church, which is a church planted by members of Denton Bible Church in Texas. The church in France is now run by missionary families in the St. Paul and Nice area. International Baptist has two locations, one in St. Paul and one in Nice, so we were able to serve in both places throughout the week. Our first day of ministry began on Saturday morning with a half-day of prayer for the nations. Members of the church have this event four times a year, so it was really special to get to participate in this one with them. It was also really cool to get to contribute stories about the places we had been and get to pray for specific people in each place that we have met on our journey so far. (By the way, this prayer took place at a beautiful house on a hill overlooking the ancient St. Paul village from across a valley!) After prayer, since the majority of people at the prayer were American, we had sort of a belated July 4th cookout celebration which was a sweet little taste of home. The next day we were able to go to church services at each location and teach Sunday school for the younger kids. That was really fun!

Throughout the rest of the week, we did a variety of things. In Nice, the first thing we did was hand out tracks. I was a little nervous about this one at first, but each of us went with a French-speaking missionary who showed us the ropes so it ended up being really interesting. Even when we didn’t have much conversation, it was great to be able to silently pray for people as we walked. We also gave out sandwiches to the homeless one day, and prayed for them after giving them a sandwich if they gave us permission to (which they all did). This was my favorite ministry project! All of the people we were able to give to were so grateful. A couple of them were even believers which was awesome to be able to fellowship with them like that. It’s amazing how the love and kindness of Jesus can cross over any language or cultural barrier! We also had a beach party one night at the Mediterranean Sea with the members of both churches. A few of us were able to share with the group about the work we’ve been able to do this summer and what the Lord has taught us through it. That was a really cool thing to do-sharing about Jesus by the Mediterranean!

The other major project we worked on last week was helping the St. Paul church set up for their Vacation Bible School which is going on this week. Every year this church goes way over the top in transforming their church to fit whatever the VBS theme is. Having VBS is one of the biggest outreach opportunities for the church, and the kids are always so amazed when they walk in and see the decorations. This year’s theme is like an ancient medieval setting, so we helped make arches for the front stage, a dragon hanging from the ceiling made out of chicken wire, a tower, and lots of banners, shields, and other random medieval-looking things. This was a really fun project and great to have time to talk to the missionaries there too. I’m really excited to see pictures of the kids enjoying the week! Please be in prayer for them, that they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, and that their families will be drawn to the Lord as well.

I have learned SO much this past week. First of all, I admire the missionaries in France a ton for their commitment to serve the Lord there. Although it seems luxurious from the world’s view, it is so empty spiritually. The people in France, for the most part, are unresponsive and uninterested in hearing about the gospel. We learned that only about 3% of the people their claim to be Christian, and that France has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. These people have all the materialistic things they could ever want, so they don’t even realize that the only thing they will ever truly need in life is a relationship with Jesus. It’s awesome that God gives these missionaries the strength and determination to keep pursuing these lost hearts even when their own efforts seem ineffective at times. That is what true faith in the Lord looks like. Please keep these missionaries in your prayers!

God has also used our team Bible studies this week to really teach me a lot. We started in the book of James at the beginning of the week with Paul leading us. It’s been one of those weeks where every day the study could relate to my life and to situations I was currently facing. If you’ve ever read James, you know it’s a very blunt book that will almost certainly step on your toes and challenge you a lot, but it is so rich in truth! I’m praying the Lord will continue to teach me a lot through this book and through Paul’s teaching (which is awesome by the way).

I think overall this has been an internal learning week for me. The Lord has shown me areas of my life where I’m going about things the right way, but also areas that need to change. He’s really worked on me during this week, and the whole trip really, about how stubborn I am to follow His will sometimes. I think a lot of times I know what He wants me to do, but because of fear I say no. Or I’ll pretend God really isn’t telling me what He is telling me (which is a tactic from the enemy, that’s exactly what Adam and Eve did in the garden-questioned whether God really said what He did). The Lord has allowed me to realize how foolish it is to disobey Him. I’m never going to grow closer to Him if I don’t follow Him, and I’m robbing myself of the joy He promises to all who follow Him. So, I would definitely appreciate your prayers for this area of my life—that I would have no fear of anything/anyone of this world, but instead be filled with the boldness and confidence of Christ as I follow Him wherever He leads. Growing closer to the Lord is almost never comfortable, but it is most certainly ALWAYS worth it.

Please also put the missionaries in France on your prayer lists too. There really is a spiritual darkness there that tries to discourage and cause dissention. Our team and other teams experienced some of this temptation and tension, but thankfully the Lord let us see these as opportunities to depend on Him even more. It was amazing to me how much harder it was in France to stay focused on the Lord and to love the people around me. It amazes me even more that these wonderful missionary families have surrendered their lives to serving in France, facing these spiritual battles and struggles all the time. Of course God graciously provides them with what they need to make it through. I just know it’s definitely not always easy to endure what they do, so please join me in praying for these awesome brothers and sisters in Christ.

As always, I am so thankful to you for keeping up with me on this adventure. (I have now landed in New York for a flight layover headed to Nicaragua, which means I have officially made a complete circle around the world!) I appreciate your prayers SO much, and have realized even more over the past week how much I desperately need them. Thank you to all of my financial supporters too. I am blown away that I have actually been able to do this over this summer. It’s so surreal and has been a huge, life-changing experience for me. I am so excited for our last stop in Nicaragua, and am definitely pumped to get back and share more stories in detail of how the Lord is working.

Until then, I appreciate every prayer you pray for the people we meet, my team, and for me personally. The power of prayer is so real, and I can tell I am being prayed for. I love you alland am incredibly thankful for your love and investment in my life. See you in two weeks!

In Christ,