Hong Kong


Hiiii friends and family!

Hong Kong life has been treating us well. My teammate Autumn and I have teamed up with permanent missionaries here, as well as a few short-term missionaries from Northern Ireland. (As hard as I try to talk like my northern Irish pals, I can still only pull off a nice, slow Georgian accent. I’ll work on it.)

Anyway, let me tell you about the work we’ve been doing. Many people are unaware of the huge need for Bibles there is in China. While there are Bibles printed inside of China, most are exported out of the country. The few remaining inside of China are pretty harshly regulated, meaning there are millions of people coming to Christ in China who do not have access to God’s word.
Because of this, missionaries commit their lives to helping the persecuted church in China have access to God’s Word. There are lots of details to this ministry, and tons of stories I’d love to share in person once I am back. But for now, here are some ways you could pray for this ministry:
-That Christians (and lost people) would continue to gain access to God’s Word through this ministry
-That missionaries in Hong Kong as well as in China would be protected in every way
-Discernment for the missionaries in the many decisions they make every day (very weighty ones sometimes)
-Whether or not you would be willing to come serve with them as a short-term (or long term) missionary
**one of the missionaries shared that this ministry depends on short-term individuals/teams coming and joining in. New people coming in helps logistics of the ministry and gives the long-term missionaries here fresh waves of excitement and encouragement, which they say is very helpful in this type of work. I beg you to please seriously pray and consider coming here to serve sometime!

There are several stories I’d really love to share in person. For now, I have to pack up for Thailand tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for Autumn and me–for team unity to continue, for us to be protected spiritually and physically, and have sharp minds that aren’t distracted by attacks of the enemy.

Love you all, and am so, so very thankful for all of the grace, love, and support you’ve shown me regarding this trip. God is working, and is so gracious and good!

Also, to Daddy: Happy early Father’s Day!!! I love you lots–keep your eyes on the mail:)

Talk soon, y’all. God bless!!

In Him,

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