It’s hard to sum up this third trip to Lulwanda Children’s Home. I love this place and these people so much…
It’s been fun to see kids I met when they were so young now growing up to be mature young adults. This week we’ve had the opportunity to hear some stories of how certain students ended up at Lulwanda. We were able to go on a visit to one of the students’ villages and see the conditions she came from (please read Autumn’s blog for a detailed description of the visit!) We also visited some of the students at secondary schools, and university students who have come all the way through Lulwanda’s program. It’s been powerful to see each stage of the process, and learn more about these students’ everyday lives.
I honestly am struggling to put into words my love for Lulwanda, and for all of the people involved in making it run. A big piece of my heart is here, and I still often wonder what it’d be like to move here one day.

Right now, some of the big needs here are:
-That students would continue to learn in each stage of school, and receive the education needed to attain quality jobs when they graduate–please continue praying for these kids!
-Lulwanda is currently in the process of building homes instead of hostels for the children. In light of it being called Lulwanda Children’s Home, the idea is to have house moms run homes of 12ish students each. Two homes have been built already, with six more coming up as funds become available. This model will provide a way for these orphans to receive proper nurturing and care that they need from within a smaller household. Each student will learn to cook, clean, shop, and attain basic life skills that they will need for their futures. Fundraising is happening now for these houses to be built. If you wish to donate or learn more about this project, please follow this link!
Right now it’s challenging for some of the kids to have houses while some are still in the hostels. So, the sooner the funds become available and more houses are built, the sooner each child can benefit from the more individual care a house provides.

God demonstrates His attentiveness and faithfulness in the way He allows these kids to be found and brought to Lulwanda. These kids come from some pretty helpless situations, and are brought into a place where they are taught God’s Word, and have each of their needs met. This reminds me of the way God takes us as sinners out of our helpless situations. We cannot save ourselves by any efforts of our own. But God, in His grace, rescues us from our sin through Christ. We have a chance to be made His, and to have our needs met in Christ in a way we could not do on our own. God’s Fatherly love, and compassion for the hurting, needy, and lost is displayed through the way He rescues and cares for the students at Lulwanda. I’m so thankful to be able to participate in His work here, even if in the smallest of ways. I love this place and hope to be able to return one day!

I have many stories that I’d love to share in person when I am home. Please ask me about this place–I’d love to share more when I’m able!

Autumn and I start our journey to Slovenia tomorrow! Please pray for safe travels as we go, and that we will continue to be protected spiritually and in every way. We are sad to leave our people in Uganda, but very excited to see Sarah and Ryan (Global Journey alum) and serve in Slovenia!

I miss all of y’all at home, and am excited to reunite with you soon.

Much Love,

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