Costa Rica


We made it around the world! We are in Orlando now for a few days of debrief. (We have already reunited with chickfila and it tasted so good😎)

Our last stop was Costa Rica. We worked with a missionary couple in a town called Upala, which is in the northern region of the country. We supported in kids and youth ministry, as well as in a few manual labor projects. Our time in Costa Rica with Emily and Damian seemed short, but full of laughter and fun. Honestly, Autumn and I were feeling pretty tired going into our last country. But because of that, we were able to see God’s faithfulness to supply us with strength and endurance when we needed it, and that was cool. We decided we would anchor ourselves with scripture–2 Corinthians 12:9. Paul was talking about the thorn in his flesh, and how God’s power is made perfect through the weakness it caused. Autumn and I have clung to the truth that God’s power would work through our weakness and tiredness as well, and He has! This is a good lesson for future seasons of life too, to remember His faithfulness…He doesn’t ask us to perform for Him, or be strong enough for Him. He asks us to show up, and be faithful and diligent with what we have, trusting Him to supply and multiply. This week has been a good reminder of that.

As far as ministry in Costa Rica goes, here are some details:
-Emily and Damian Obando Martinez are our missionary contacts there. I’ll include the link to their ministry page so you can read more about their story and their work!
-In a nutshell, Emily and Damian are committed to sharing the gospel with these people who are so thirsty for truth. There are lots of messy versions of truth there, but many times doctrine is not accurate, and/or people are traditionally religious, but don’t know they can have a relationship with Christ that will change their lives and eternities.
-Emily and Damian are currently working with youth groups through the week, as well as investing in students at the elementary schools close to their home. They are building relationships with the kids and youth, and helping to meet their physical needs as well as spiritual ones.
-Emily and Damian are raising money for a ceiling right now, as well as still raising support to be fully funded as missionaries–please pray about supporting them! I’ll include links below that you can follow in order to support. (I’d love to give you more details if you have questions.)

I can’t thank y’all enough for the prayers, financial support, and encouragement you’ve given throughout this journey. I’m so excited to see everyone and share more stories and all when the time comes. Please continue to pray for the missionaries we have joined this summer, and for Autumn and me as we process and head back to our stomping grounds:)

God Bless,


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